Tuesdays  3 to 6 PM — Begins  May 25th, 2021

Contact:  Cindy L. Shasky 419-709-4468
email: [email protected]

Please also visit our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/holytrinityfarmersmarket

Cindy and Steve Shasky
Cindy L. Shasky, market manager, and her husband, Steve, are busy preparing for the start of the 12th Holy Trinity Farmers’ Market Season.  The market opens Tuesday, May 25th.  Since all produce is grown by the producer within 15 miles of this local market, seasonal produce runs behind what you will find at the store or purchased from auction.
We hope to have lettuce, spinach, radish, green onions, herbs, vegetable plants, bread, pie, maple syrup, jams and jelly, chicken and beef at our first market.  More items will be available soon!    Please note, in fairness to all our customers, no sales prior to the 3PM start.