Pastor’s Letter – May 13, 2020

Dear Holy Trinity Members and Friends,

Last Sunday I preached on John 14:1-14.  “In my Father’s house are many dwelling places … I go to prepare a place for you.”  (vs. 2)  There is the promise – eternal life with our Creator God.

As your spiritual leader I am charged with the responsibilities of helping and encouraging your spiritual growth and knowledge of His Word and ultimately to assure readiness for your eternal life.  These responsibilities weigh heavy on my heart.

We as individuals assume authority of our lives from birth on.  Remember those “terrible twos” of some of our children.  It was our duty as parents to guide those children God had given us. In a way that is like being a spiritual leader.

The New Testament is replete with the promises of our Creator God.  I have  touched on some of those in recent weeks.  1.  God is always with me.  2.  God is always in control.  3.  God is always good.  4.  God is always watching.

We, as believers, must claim those promises just as we must claim the gift of our salvation – that gift must be opened.

These past months have been extremely difficult for most – a new way of life, but let it not define who we are as believers in Jesus Christ and his promises. Let this time of isolation and quarantine strengthen our resolve. Let us learn from this time to stay in His Word, to care for others and to serve Him daily.

These thoughts are embodied in a hymn entitled “Born to Serve the Lord”. From the dust of the earth, God created man . . . I was made in his likeness, Created in his image . . . My hands were made to help my neighbor, My eyes were made to read God’s word, My feet were made to walk in his footsteps, My body is the temple of the Lord.

In a few weeks we will be reopening our church for Sunday morning worship. Our first worship service will be on June 7th – the Sunday of the Holy Trinity. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church reopens on Holy Trinity Sunday! We will have only one worship service for the foreseeable future at 10:00 a.m.

This decision was made by the Church Council last night with input from the Worship and Music Committee. A list of protocols for reopening the church for worship were approved by consensus. Among the protocols is the expectation that everyone attending worship will wear a mask to ensure the health and safety of others. Masks will be provided for anyone who needs one.

A letter outlining all the details will be sent to the congregation next week.

I encourage you to continue in His Word through your daily Bible reading, prayer and devotions.  Stay strong and love the Lord!

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Pentti Maki