Church News

December Updates & Announcements

Christmas Cards

There are now a few options for giving Christmas cards to your church family.

You may continue to give individual Christmas cards to church members and bring them to be sorted into the boxes marked in the Narthex for Christmas cards. OR you may choose to write ONE Christmas card for your church family and post it on the decorated bulletin board in the Narthex. OR Some folks may wish to do a combination of both. Whatever is easiest for you – feel free to do that.

Thursday Bible Study

Thursday Bible Study has finished for 2021. The Bible Study will resume in 2022 on Thursday, January 6, and will begin a Missler study of Zechariah.

2022 Congregational Update Form

In an effort to provide updated information for Pastor Kathy, we are asking each individual adult member of HTLC to complete a “2022 Congregational Update Form”. This will allow her to get to know you a little better on paper, and also ensure that the church membership records are up to date so that addresses/phone numbers are current for our directory.

This form will be available in print in the Narthex, or if you would like to complete it online, you can click HERE. Thank you for your cooperation and help!!!